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Appointment Length: 4 hours

Functional Capacity Evaluation

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A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) evaluates an individual’s capacity to perform work activities related to their participation in employment or activities of daily living.

An FCE compares the individual’s health status, body functions, and structures to the demands of their job, work environment, and daily physical demands. Similar types of testing may be called a functional capacity assessment (FCA), physical capacity assessment or evaluation (PCA or PCE), or work capacity assessment or evaluation (WCA or WCE). FCE's must be administered with care for the client’s safety and well-being. Some Navisess FCE reports may include referral to different health professionals for additional testing if warranted.


Who may benefit from an FCE?

  • Individuals injured at work to determine their ability to return to the same employment or to find a new job

  • Individuals applying for disability benefits

  • Individuals seeking Return-to-Work or daily activity goals following an injury or illness

  • Individuals seeking rehabilitation services after a motor vehicle accident

  • Individuals seeking to determine their skills and the extent of support required to perform at a job


Navisess’s Role in FCEs

Our certified evaluators are trained to analyze activities in detail to determine the necessary components of performing each task well. Evaluators determine an individual’s capability to perform functional tasks to determine the degree of match between current abilities and the necessary functional demands of an individual’s job or daily required tasks. The Navisess team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure most accurate information and knowledge is applied to each FCE.

The FCE may be used to determine:

  • Goals for rehabilitation or readiness for discharge planning

  • Ability to safely return to work status (including full duty, modified duty, or transitional duty)

  • Workability status for vocational rehabilitation

  • Workers’ compensation case settlements

  • Disability status

  • Ability to meet job demands as part of a hiring process (pre-work/post-offer employment testing)

  • Ability to meet the demands of other activities (i.e., being a student, volunteering)


Components of an FCE

The components of the FCE will vary based on the purpose of the assessment.The FCE typically begins with a client interview, medical record review, and musculoskeletal screening. Functional testing follows, and may include material-handling activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling; and positional tolerance activities such as sitting, standing, walking, balancing, reaching, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, object handling/manipulation, finger dexterity, hand grasping, and hand manipulation.Functional pain ratings are monitored throughout the FCE to document client-reported levels of pain during various activities.An FCE report may include an overall physical demand level, a summary of physical abilities, a summary of consistency of effort, job match information (if pertinent), adaptations to enhance performance, and listed recommendations if requested.

FCEs are completed in a one-on-one basis and may range in length from 4 to 6 hours. An FCE may take place over 2 consecutive days upon request.


Referral and Payment for FCEs

Individuals are generally referred for an FCE by physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners; insurance representatives; case managers; employers, human resources personnel, and riskmanagers; attorneys (for either the plaintiff or defense); other therapists; or chiropractors. Individuals can also self-refer, but a referral may be required for reimbursement.

FCEs are commonly paid for by workers’ compensation plans; self-insured plans; individual insurance plans; federal, provincial, and/or local agencies; managed care plans; individuals themselves, employers, or legal firms.

Cost of an FCE can vary depending on booking either a 1 or 2-day appointments, additional reporting needs, and overall evaluation time. Payment agreements and full reports are provided with fast turn-around time, honest and impartial service, and competitive pricing.

If you are looking for a sample report and associated pricing, please connect with the Navisess team.

Navisess’s main office is located inside Leduc Physio in Leduc, Alberta.

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