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We look forward to your upcoming visit for your

Ergonomic Assessment

What is an Office Ergonomic Assessment? 

Ergonomic assessments are an objective study of how you work. The assessments help identify the ergonomic risks such as repetitive tasks that can cause strains, improper work area setup, and improper use of tools, which can result in the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). 

You have been set up for an independent ergonomic assessment with our office and here is what you need to know.

How long will it take?  

The appointment is 30-minutes long. It will include approximately 5-10 minutes of interview and examination, followed by 10-20 minutes of recommendations.  

What you will need for a virtual assessment:

A secondary device with video/audio capabilities (ie. Smartphone, tablet, laptop). Ideally this device will be set up approximately 6-feet away from your office space, providing an overall picture of your workspace setup. This includes view of your whole body in your chair and your writing/typing space.  

If you do not have the capabilities of providing this, alternatively photos can be taken prior and provided via Please refer to the photo below for the ideal angle and distance.  

At your appointment time, an email will be sent for you to join a video call with your assessor. Please click on the link, consent to the information presented and you will be greeted!  

Follow Up:

After your assessment, the requesting party will be given a report with recommendations, exercises, and equipment.

Is there a cost?

The requesting party has agreed to cover the cost of this assessment, and you will not be responsible for this cost. Independent, personal assessments are also available by request.

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