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Functional Capacity Evaluations for the Workplace.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's) assess an individual's physical capabilities and limitations. In the workforce- these reports are helping employers to determine if an employee is ready to resume their duties without risking further injury.

These evaluations are conducted by a trained healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist, who evaluates the person's ability to perform various work-related tasks and activities. The FCE aims to determine the individual's functional capabilities, such as lifting, carrying, reaching, and sitting, as well as their endurance, flexibility, and coordination. This evaluation provides objective and detailed information to employers about the employee's ability to safely return to work. By understanding the employee's functional capacities, employers can make informed decisions about necessary accommodations, modifications, or restrictions to ensure a safe and effective transition back to the job. It may also indicate a need for the employee to participate in a work hardening or

work conditioning program to develop functional strength applicable to their specific job demands.

Using FCE's for safe return to work promotes the employee's well-being and provides peace of mind knowing that they are returning to a safe and supportive workplace. This ensures employees are not only able to perform their job effectively but also enhances their overall productivity, leading to a more efficient and successful organization.

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